Audun Engh



Date and place of birth: 15 September 1948, Oslo Norway. 

Citizenship: Norwegian. 

Education:  Degree in law from the University of Oslo law school, 1979. 

Professional career: 

- 1979 - 1985 :Municipality of Oslo, urban regereration projects. 

Legal advisor and project manager for regeneration  and restoration projects  of historic neighbourhoods and buildings  in Oslo. The non-profit organization "Oslo Byfornyelse" (Oslo Urban Renewal) established by the City of Oslo bought hundreds of historic apartment buildings from private owners, renovated them and sold the buildings at cost price  to  tenants as housing cooperatives.  

Audun Engh was responsible for buying properites, giving information to tenants, participation in project management teams with architects and establishing housing cooperatives among the tenants.

- 1985 - 1996: Lawyer in Oslo, with his own practice.  

- 1996 - 2006: Project manager for  "Stiftelsen Byens Fornyelse" ("Foundation for Urban Renewal"), Oslo, a non-governemt organization promoting cultural heritage preservation, traditional architecture and New Urbanism.  

The Foundation`s  projects in Norway and internationally  have received funding from private sponsors, Norwegian govenment agencies, The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Embassies to Romania and Germany,  the Directorate of Cultural Heritage, the Norwegian Museum of Architectural History, and others.

International organisations:


2000 - 2006: Managemant Committee member of INTBAU - International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism. This network of 500 practitionors  and many organisations is located at the Prince`s Foundation in London. HRH The Prince of Wales is Patron of INTBAU. 

Project manager for INTBAU projects in Romania and Norway.

Board member of INTBAU Scandinavia.

Web site: 

C.E.U. - Council for European Urbanism 

2003 - 2005: C.E.U.: Steering Committee member and secretary of C.E.U. - Council for European Urbanism. From 2006 Board member. Audun Engh has run the C.E.U. secretariat, located to Oslo, 2004-2006. C.E.U. promotes sustainable community development based on traditional European urban design principles and New Urbanism.

C.E.U.`s first international conference was held in Berlin, September 2005, in collaboration with the German Federal  Ministry of Transportation, Building and Housing. The second conference was held in Leeds, UK, November 2006.

Audun Engh is project manager for the third  C.E.U. international congress to be held in Oslo, Norway, October 2007. The main theme will be Climate Change and Urban Design.

Project manager for C.E.U. exhibitions of urban development projects  in California, US, Miami, US and Berlin, Germany.

Web site:


Programs initiated by the Foundation for Urban Renewal and INTBAU,  managed by Audun Engh include:


Lectures, short courses and summer schools in Norway, Italy and  United Kingdom, with leading architects, heritage presevation experts and  urban designers from Europe and US. Collaborators include the University of Notre Dame (USA), INTBAU (London)  and the Prince`s Foundation  (London).

2001: Summer School in Oslo and London for architectural students, in collaboration with University of Notre Dame, USA. Students from USA, Norway, Estonia and Sweden.

2002: Summer school in Fredrikstad, Norway, with a focus on preservation and development of the historic fortified old town of Fredrikstad.

2005 - 2006: Project manager for a proposal to establish a European School of  Urbanism and Architecture, with 14 partner organisations in United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Sweden,  Romania and Norway. Partners include NGOs and  universities. Successful application for European Union "Leonardo da Vinci Progamme" funding. Project implementation: 2006-2008.  Web site:

Workshops / short courses:

2003- 2006: Project manager for  four INTBAU Workshops in Transylvania, Romania to produce proposals for the preservation and  sustainable development of the medieval  Saxon villages of the area. The workshops included consulations with local citizens, representing the Romanian, Saxon and Gypsy populations. The process also involved local  NGOs and municipalities. Some of the workshops were based on the  "charrette" / Enquiry by Design  process as developed by DPZ and others. The first workshop 35 participants from Romania, United Kingdom, US, France, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Australia,


1997: Presentation of the travelling architecture exhibition "Urban Renaissance" in the Oslo City Hall. The exhibition was curated by A Vision of Europe, Bologna, Italy. 

1997 - 1998: Presentation of the "Urban Renaissance" exhibition in Berlin, Germany and Lisbon, Portugal. 

1998 - 2005; Curator of several architecture and urbanism exhibitions in Norway. 

2002; Project manager for an exhibition on the architectural history of Oslo, in collaboration with the Norwegian Museum of Architectural History. 

2005: Curator of an international CEU exhibition on contemporary European urban development projects, presented at the Congress for New Urbainsm  in Pasadena, California, the Council for European Urbanism Congress in Berlin, Germany and University of Miami, Florida, USA.

2006: Project manager for the exhibition "Norwegian Wooden Architecture" in collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy, Berlin, Germany.

Study tours: 

1998 - 2004: Organisation of study tours on architectural history, conservation and urbanism to Italy, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom and Romania. 


Member of organising and academic committees for architecure and urbanism conferences in: 

- Bologna - A Vision of Europe Conferences -  2000 and 2004. 

- Viseu, Portugal, Council for European Urbanism Education Conference - 2004 

- Berlin - C.E.U. - Council for European Urbanism International Conference  - 2005.  

- Venice, INTBAU "Venice Charter Revisited" conferance - 2006

- Leeds, UK: C.E.U. International Congress - 2006


2003: Proposal for the restoration of historic buildings in the Fortified Town of Fredrikstad, Norway. Funded by  the Norwegian Ministry of Defense, heritage preservation unit.  

2004: Proposal for preservation and development of a coastal  zone in Fredrikstad, Norway. 

2004: Proposal for the preservation and reconstruction of  "Kongsnaes", Potsdam, several houses built for Emperor Wilhelm ll in Potsdam, Germany 1894 and designed by the Norwegian architect Holm Hansen Munthe.  The study was funded by the Norwegian Embassy to Germany and the "Sparkassenstiftung" foundation in Potsdam. The report was commissioned by the City of Potsdam.


Journalistic work: 

Editor of Norwegian law and cultural magazines. 

Director of a 30 minutes TV documentary on the culture of American indians, shown on Norwegian and Finnish TV. 

Freelance reporter for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), cultural programs. 

Articles about architecture, urbanism and cultural heritage preservation for several newspapers and professional journals.

Contact details:

Audun Engh

Th. Heftyes gate 14, 0264 Oslo, Norway.

Tel. +47.92622626, Fax +47.22364993



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